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TOMAR - CSI Partnership
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TOMAR, Crime Stoppers Form Partnership

Phoenix, Arizona — August 29, 2005 — An Arizona company that manufactures emergency lighting systems to protect police cars, fire trucks and ambulances is going to design a unique light bar for Crime Stoppers vehicles around the world.

The company, TOMAR Electronics based in Gilbert on the outskirts of Phoenix, is producing the specialized lighting system to make Crime Stoppers vehicles more visible and to remind people that the crime fighting program is working to keep their various communities safe.

Scott Sikora, TOMAR's president and CEO, said that the company has formed a partnership with Crime Stoppers and wants to do everything it can to increase awareness for the 1,200 plus programs that are operating in some 20 countries worldwide.

“Crime Stoppers has proven to be an effective weapon in the fight against crime since the program was originated in Albuquerque, New Mexico in September 1976,” he said. “We want to help Crime Stoppers continue to shine.”

Sikora said his company has produced lighting systems that make emergency vehicles more visible to the public and it only makes sense to design special lights that will draw attention to Crime Stoppers vehicles when parked at public events or involved in other activities such as parades.

TOMAR is interested in helping Crime Stoppers expand and will actively work with the Crime Stoppers International Foundation to develop new programs in Spain, Lebanon and parts of Asia.

Steve Walrath, president of Crime Stoppers International, said TOMAR is also anxious to assist programs throughout North America and will work with CSI foundation to channel funds and resources to local programs.

“The company has a high interest in expanding the effectiveness of Crime Stoppers," Walrath said. "I believe it will be a beneficial partnership for our crime fighting organization.”

He said TOMAR has been working on behalf of various emergency services for some 30 years and has developed what is recognized as the highest visibility and most effective warning light systems in the world.

“"They are the world leaders in their field and we are glad to have them working and supporting Crime Stoppers,” he said.

The company also manufactures strobe based traffic preemption equipment that changes traffic signals to allow emergency vehicles to proceed safely through intersections while on their way to a fire, accident or other serious situations.

Walrath said the company has been heavily involved in research and development at their state-of-the-art electronic design and testing centre and he has no doubt they will come up with a really unique lighting system for Crime Stoppers vehicles.

“The system will have a great deal of public appeal and definitely draw attention to the vehicles when out in public,” Walrath said. “I am sure it's going to be something that will turn heads.”

For additional information, please contact:
Steve Walrath, President
Crime Stoppers International
(6080) 362-3155 phone

Rex Stout, Sales and Marketing Director
TOMAR Electronics, Inc.
(800) 338-3133 phone