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On February 26, 2008, at the Hippodrome Race Track of the Americas in Mexico City, Ferbel of Mexico delivered 361 Tomar-equipped ambulances to Cruz Roja Mexicana (Red Cross of Mexico).

Three hundred sixty-one ambulances all in the same place just might be a world record, though the Guinness people weren't around to verify that.

The event was attended by President Calderón of Mexico (above right), his wife Margarita Zavala (center) and Miguel Angel Yunes (left) the head of ISSSTE (Institute of Security and Social Services of State Employees). The three are shown simultaneously activating the lights and sirens of all 361 vehicles, which must have made quite a show. 

Mexican Red Cross historical agreement,
Nacional Monte de Piedad and Aztec Foundation. 

The Mexican Red Cross May, Nacional Monte de Piedad, and Aztec Foundation signed an agreement for the acquisition of ambulances that contribute to the program of renovation of the vehicular fleet. 

The agreement was presided over by the Lic. Daniel Goñi Diaz, President of the National Council of Directors of the Mexican Red Cross; the Lic. Francisco Javier Icaza Klint, Director of the Nacional Monte de Piedad; and by the Lic. Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, President of Aztec Foundation.

This agreement will contribute to support to the Institution in the acquisition of ambulances to fortify its services of aids in the national territory. 

In Mexico 95% off all the emergency calls are attended by the Mexican Red Cross

Nacional Monte de Piedad A.C. will participate duplicating the contributions made by the civil society, endorsing the renovation of ambulances in each one of the states of the Republic which will allow a greater cover of the services of first aid that the Mexican Red Cross offers the population.

The brand new ambulances are equipped with TOMAR lights and sirens, constructed on Mercedes Benz chassis and GM chassis at FERBEL facilities in San Juan del Rio in the State of Queretaro. The technology in these new ambulances will increase services in more areas and provide the ability of transporting with a much more efficient emergency response.

The project was coordinated by Adolfo Cervantes